Making the Place Comfortable

Hello All!

It’s your favorite (and probably only) purple gnomling here to take care of introductions and give you the lowdown about what this blog is all about, so pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable by the fire. Warning: The following content may or may not involve profanity, anger issues, or the belief that all people deserve to be treated with respect.

The Gnomling

My name’s Savannah Broadway: (occasionally urban) fantasy writer, cross stitcher, RPG player, writer and editor, as well a lover of wine, women (and men, and non-binary folks, in no particular order), and song. I’ve worked as a Paizo intern, (mostly freelance) copy editor, general purpose binder and fixer at Morris Library’s preservation lab, and makeup person/ cashier. Disney’s Hades is my spirit animal, and I like the color purple. Also boxes. I really like boxes. Like, any kind of box, but mostly pretty wooden ones.

 The Blog

I’m not sure what the update schedule will be—I’m aiming for once a week, but that’s optimism talking before realism’s had a chance to feel things out.  However, I’m planning for the blog to cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

Wine Couture

In which I drink a bottle of wine (preferably with help), analyze the flavor, nose, ect, and then draw the wine as if it were a costume or a person. I’m not a super good artist, guys, so be warned.  There will be crab-claw hands, and probably not a finger in sight. Forget about toes entirely.

From the Desk of the (RPG) Editor

In which I discuss things I’m working on (as much as I can without violating NDAs and such) and things currently out. This will generally be editing for Kobold Press or Rite Publishing, but I do other things for other people, as well as write stuff for Paizo, 0one Games and others, so if you’re into any of the above, stay tuned. May also include what’s going on at whatever conventions I go to in a professional (or professional-ish) capacity.

The Twilight Zone: Reloaded

Okay, so the title needs work, but the concept is there. The concept being to watch The Twilight Zone, then provide a brief and hopefully funny re-write to make it better and/ or not so racist, sexist, ect. Will probably often involve the phrase, “And then she married a lady. The End.”

Fireside Rants

In which I talk about whatever, which could include things like LGBT/ women’s/ civil rights, how people (read, customers) can be generally terrible, or how much I don’t like socks. I won’t talk about or review 50 Shades of Grey, though. I mean it. I don’t need another ulcer in my life.

Other Stuff

Not so much a topic as a vat of possibilities. Might include “Wow, My Little Pony can be really messed up”, book reviews, video game reviews, musing on old time radio shows, excerpts from my personal writing, or “Hey guys, look what I just sewed/ knitted/ crocheted/ wrapped in wire/ messed up horribly on.”

The End

And that’s it for now, dear reader. Tune in next week for another exciting update. Same gnomling time, same gnomling channel.


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