There and There and Over There and Back Again: A Gnomling’s Holiday

Hello all!

I know I promised to be more consistent with updates, but the recent move on top of deadlines has made it quite difficult. And–the most exciting part of all–I’m planning for a 10-ish day trip out east.


Tuesday night I’m flying out redeye to Philadelphia to join a gaming marathon with the infamous Order of the Amber Die. If you haven’t heard of them, they are, in their own words “an association of Pathfinder players that are dedicated to the authentic completion of published adventures.” In the pursuit of this, they play weekend-long gaming marathons–with the goal being to play an entire Adventure Path book each weekend played–which they’ve taken to chronicling here on the Paizo blog.

And in case you thought that this was going to be any ordinary gaming weekend, think again, because last time they played for 47+ hours out of 65. I hear that this coming session will be less so, but still looking at 14-ish hours a day of gaming, every day, for three days, as well as a shorter session that Thursday. Basically it’s a caricature of what everyone wishes they could have done in college.

This session, the goal will be to play Pathfinder Adventure Path #111: Dreams of the Yellow King. While I won’t be playing a main PC, I’ll be running support in the form of Winter Klaczka, the changeling cleric of Pharasma. Sadly, due to budget and time restraints, I won’t be able to do an awesome cosplay of the lovely Winter, but that’s an ambition for another time (and another freelancing check).

After the gaming marathon, if I manage to live through such a harrowing ordeal, I’ll be flying into St. Louis to visit with my one-time roommate there, and to play Dragon Age until my eyeballs fall out until that next weekend, which will be a friend’s wedding back in my home stomping grounds of Southern Illinois. After much celebration (and libation) I will then drag myself back onto a plane and fly back to my computer and thus to you, dear readers. I set up a Twitter for the occasion, so as to best chronicle my descent into madness as I play Strange Aeons, so do follow me at @purplegnomling if you’re into that sort of thing.

Until next time, gnomling fans. Same(ish) bat time, same bat channel.






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