The Kingston Castle: A Dread Scenario

For those of you who haven’t heard of Dread yet, feel free to pop over here and familiarize yourself first.

This particular piece is a game that I ran for my usual group back in January. Technically, this update will consist of two posts: a brief, spoiler-free summary and a list of characters, and then the full document. The first of course is meant for those who wish to play and can use to recommend it to a potential Host. The second is full of spoilers, and should be avoided by any who want to actually play it.

The Kingston Castle

This was supposed to be a simple company retreat. Then the solar flare started. As if that wasn’t enough, the bed and breakfast you’re staying at seems to have a few skeletons in its closets. Can you survive trust falls and team synergy long enough to escape the true danger?
In order to lend a hand to new hosts and to provide ideas for experienced ones, I’ll be adding what happened with my group along the way.


There are a lot of characters here, and you may not have a big enough group to play all of them. In this case, just re-arrange how they all know each other. The Californian, having picked the site of the retreat, is one of the more necessary characters, but their duties can be given to someone else if need be.
This is what is common knowledge about the various characters:
The Native. You grew up on the Olympic Peninsula, but managed to escape the poverty and addiction that was rife there by going to college out of state. You work in Seattle now at Congo International and hope to put the past behind you. (In this case, “native” could mean either a general local, or a member of one of the local tribes)
The Californian. Another transplant from California, you traveled north to take a job at Congo Solutions, a tech company that your cousin (the Good Samaritan) has connections at. It’s not your first choice, but it pays the bills. On the side, you pursue a hobby as a supernatural investigator and were the one who chose the trip destination in hopes of finding spiritual activity.
The Midwesterner. A recent arrival from a flyover state, you’ve always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest for yourself. Upon reconnecting with your friend from college (the Native), you finally see the opportunity. You don’t work at the company with most of the group, but a seat unexpectedly opened up at the last minute, and there have to be even numbers for trust falls, after all.
The Assistant Manager. A veteran cubicle rat, you’ve been at Congo for more years than you care to admit, and you’ve spent most of it seeing younger employees be promoted over your head.
The Trust-Funder. Child of one of the big-wigs of Congo, you have been given a ground level position there so as to better learn its inner workings. You’re going on this trip in an attempt feel more a part of the team.
The Hipster. A flannel-wearing vinyl collector, you have a surprisingly good grasp on modern technology for someone so anachronistic. This snagged you a job at Congo Solutions when you moved north from Portland.
The Good Samaritan. An over-worked social worker from the inner city. While you don’t work at Congo Solutions, you did help your cousin (the Californian) land a job their through your connections with your old high school buddy (the Trust-Funder) and so have been invited along. After the hell that has been work, a retreat sounds like a great excuse to take some time off.
The Programmer. The team lead at Congo Solutions, you’re easily some of the best talent the company’s seen. It was your idea to go on this trip as a reward for the team doing so well on a recent rush job.

Feel like Hosting? Pop on over here to read more.


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